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  • Artist Info: Hey hoes, my name is robert or (Jake, alter ego) many years ago i used to be the most powerful gaian there was abut sadly i quit. Luckcaly i met unusal people along the way such as: lyng girls, stuck up faggots, weird tweekers, pot addicts, sex addicts, and mexican ese's but above all that i keep it really good. Umm.... i'm 15 i'm in the USMC(MCJROTC) of course stands for Marine Corp. Junior ROTC. im a sophmore and let's see.... i've been apart of gaia since i was about like 12 in '07 so go figure biggrin . umm i go to highschool of course it's called JFK (John F. Kenndedy) if you retards don't know <br />
    i'm NOT single , so don't go trying weird shit on me :3 and also<br />
    Youtube:Magbe12<br />
    Google:Magbe12<br />
    PSN(Playstation network):Unnacompained<br />
    and basicly that's all about i have to say, but if you wan't to learn more just feel free to ask. LATER HOES.<br />
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