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  • Artist Info: Congrats you entered my profile. My name is alexa. Im 12 but ill be 13 in like 8 days so ya. I have straight dark blonde hair and green eyes. My favorite fav thing to do is gymnastics. I am in invitational gymnastics and i am really good. Anyways have many friends including my fake family. Ya morgan is my mom and im married to nicole whose parents r Casey and sam. We have 4 kids with 1 on the way: Yoshi, alexa jr. , raythomu and garbonso. <br />
    <br />
    Ten of my close friends (sorry if I dont name you)<br />
    ~Alexa L (Alexa Jr.)<br />
    ~Caylee (sister)<br />
    ~Nicole ( mad-o-mom)<br />
    ~Kaitlyn (cousin)<br />
    ~Justin (therapist)<br />
    ~Amanda ( Yoshi)<br />
    ~Ari (ray ray)<br />
    ~Morgan (mommy)<br />
    ~Beth ( teddy bear or garbonso)<br />
    ~Deana (D)<br />
    <br />
    Ten things I hate:<br />
    ~hippys, they're annoying<br />
    ~clowns, there creepy<br />
    ~people who say why all the time, I want to kill them<br />
    ~you, jk<br />
    ~overly happy people, I want to strangle them<br />
    ~hippos, they're ugly like justin s<br />
    ~jello, it reminds me of dead people<br />
    ~people who drink and drive,...to sad to say<br />
    ~the song hey there delaihla<br />
    ~the fox outside my house it is trying to kill my kitty, cloe<br />
    <br />
    Thing I like: <br />
    ~ gymnastics<br />
    ~All time Low<br />
    ~We the Kings<br />
    ~WALL-E<br />
    ~MO<br />
    ~ puppys <br />
    ~kittys<br />
    ~any kind of marine life<br />
    ~me<br />
    ~my friends, duh...<br />
    <br />
    Anyway<br />
    I made you a cookie but I ate it so then I made you a muffin on a stick but bethany stole it and replaced it with my panda bob. ( theres a pic at the bottom of the page)<br />
    <br />
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