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  • Artist Info: Sup?<br />
    My name is PHILL MATHIS. I'm 14 and I live in South Carolina.<br />
    I go to Mauldin High School, and I'm a freshman lawls!<br />
    I'm in a band with my friends (xWavyx, Tigger,Nick) our name is HANDGUNS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. We're not sure what Genre we are but idc as long as we have fun haha. I think we're deathcore rofl. I also do the vocals lol.<br />
    Anywho! About me lol. I don't really do anything lol, i just write music, band realted stuff, and hang out haha. <br />
    I love going out with friends and having fun. I &lt;3 my friends to death I wouldnt be anywhere without them in my life. They complete me lol.<br />
    Oh my fav color is purple! PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE! It's so amazing lol. I also LOVE Chinese food it kicks ass haha. <br />
    Also!! My fav bands are 1.) THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 2.) DANCE GAVIN DANCE 3.) KILLSWICH ENGAGE<br />
    KSE Made me lol I wouldn't be anywhere without Howard Jones to inspire me musical wise. <br />
    I doubt anyone will take the time to read this but oh well!!<br />
    AIM = BurningArmoire<br />
    My Mobile # = Ask for it ^_^<br />
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