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  • Artist Info: Hey guys! My name is Victoria. I am 15 years old and am a idiot. Well, possibly. Anyways I am a long time user of gaia. Since 2001 to be exact! I've gone through multiple accounts to get here though. Ugh. I still havn't achevied any of my Gaia dreams. Kinda sad huh? My additude consists of multiple personalitys. I could be happy one moment, angry the next, then in rape-mode. So beware! I do not give any personal info other than basic stuff. I don't want some guy knocking at my door and... *shivers*. I am a christian. That doesn't mean I follow by ALL the rules. I'm not one of those crazie god lovin brats. I do love god, but not dirasticly. I am also a crazy, babbling, idiotic yaoi fanatic. So I approve all gay's and lesbians. I believe that god will let anyone into heaven if you pray and he forgives you. ( With the main exceptians though if you know what I mean.) I love yaoi and am trying to enhance my art skills so I can draw some doujinshi's. My main interests are music, drawing, watching tv, reading, and sleeping. I really dislike people who hurt my friends and act noobish around me. <br />
    <br />
    мєѕѕαgє мє؟<br />
    fяιєи∂ мє؟<br />
    ∂σиαтє тσ мє؟<br />
    тαℓк тσ мє؟
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