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  • Artist Info: Me:A day dreaming girl who loves animals and is most of the time kind hearted,stubborn,yet kind hearted.And Im also very random.<br />
    ..................woof.XD.I maybe a bit crazy,but who cares!I'm me and always me!So don't argue about it!<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    werewolf<br />
    You love to be outside! the last thing on your mind is to hurt a human. You like to howl to the moon everynite and hang with buds at the beach!<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    My heart...<br />
    The color of your heart is red<br />
    You are adventurous, brighter than a person with a green heart, and you can do anything. You may be called weird, but you could also be the most popular kid in school. You may be a bit crazy sometimes, but that's what attracts you to people with purple hearts. They care about their lives, but they are willing to take chances.<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    What pokemon am I?<br />
    A Evee<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    site where i found the quizzez..XD<br />
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