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  • Artist Info: Well Hi there. U must be on my pro. im not tellin u how old i am cuz well i hate ppl knoin my age. i love my music n well keep readin!<br />
    Im *~Nerdmuffin~*[That was a nick name ma step mom gave me on face book n i made it loo sexy!](Or as u kno me by Luna/Ashe/Ashley) , I love runnin after cars like a retard n screamin Dont leave meh, I love yew!! i like wavin at cops but daddeh wont let meh. i scream at old ppl in cars n chase little kids down the street screamin i hate then n i wanna kill em xD I have Alot of friends but i have 4 Close friends (VIkki, Colt, Brii, and Chelsi) I have 2 Best friends ( Randy& Jessica or ohter known as Sally) I have a ton of regular frens too but too many to list.I h ave 4 Real brothers (Mikey, Chris, Zach, And Masen) I have no real sisters but i have Friends who are like my sisters such as (Lauren, Jessica, And Randy)Love em to death too id take a bullet for these people (Jessica, Randy and Vikki oh i fergot my baby brotehr masen ;D ). Vikki is a girl i have certain feelings for but yea if ya wanna kno read the bottom. <br />
    Likes~<br />
    Randomness~<br />
    My music~<br />
    art~<br />
    anime~<br />
    Animals~<br />
    Wolves n foxes mostly~<br />
    rainbows~<br />
    Jello~Who dosen't<br />
    Emos~<br />
    Scenes~<br />
    Skaters~ <br />
    Mostly the rejects of society~<br />
    Being excentric~<br />
    Soccer~<br />
    Hollywood undead~<br />
    Music~<br />
    <br />
    Hates~<br />
    My life~<br />
    the meanin of my existance~<br />
    whores~<br />
    Cheaters~<br />
    Liars~<br />
    Druggies~<br />
    PREPS~<br />
    Haters~<br />
    Jerks~<br />
    Animal abusers~<br />
    ppl with no heart to animal~<br />
    Dog fighters~<br />
    <br />
    Well thats about me if u dont like it the u need to get the fuck off my profile n leave me the fuck alone ~ *~NerdMuffin~* (Luna).<br />
    I have Sum of the best memories with Randy- The time we screamed at kids, Made stupid dances, fight like dinosaurs, Bite each other, Poke each others noses and many many more.<br />
    Jessica- The whole 7th grade year had many many memories, then when we took Alan ( guy i have a huge crush on or better known as The Junior and Jessicas closest guy friend) To 4th of july festival time i almost had an asthma attack runnin after her.<br />
    And Vikki- When i see her. shes the one i say i love and mean it to, shes my dream girl i love her to death and i rly mean it, but i wish she woud see it, Vikki i love yew! No im not a lesbian either im HAlf gay n dont (Bisexual)
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