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  • Artist Info: Hmmm.... Hullo :3<br />
    I love:<br />
    -colors (especially
    yellow:3)<br />
    -chocolate :3<br />
    -being nice! biggrin <br />
    Ha no. I'm a violent person. And very sarcastic.<br />
    <br />
    Important things about me:<br />
    -I can be sensitive. Very sensitive.<br />
    -Apparently, I have some sort of "stomach condition" because if I don't eat for a certain amount of time I get horrible cramps.<br />
    *flashback*<br />
    Me:La la la happy happy happy. I'm so happy! Happy happy happy!! biggrin <br />
    *falls down*<br />
    Me: D:<br />
    Ahhhh! My stomach ohmigawsh!!! Ahhh! Noooo!!!!! Too bad there's no one here to save me!!!<br />
    *stays on the ground for a while*<br />
    *finally gets up and eats some cereal*<br />
    *well actually a lot of cereal*
    <br />
    Me: scary sad <br />
    *end flashback*<br />
    Ya.<br />
    But I'm not THAT fat so it's all good. Plus it doesn't happen that often.<br />
    :3<br />
    Okay! Continuing!<br />
    -Don't take my sarcastic remarks toward you personally.<br />
    -I have a bunny! biggrin DDD<br />
    -I'm random. Very random.<br />
    -Pickles<br />
    -Friends! I love em and I have em but I still want more<br />
    -There are some things I think in my head about people that should never be said out loud<br />
    - Music=Love!!!<br />
    -I want a million dollars<br />
    -blah<br />
    -I have a lot of siblings<br />
    -I love making faces and hand gestures <br />
    -I'm running out of things to say about myself right now<br />
    -But I want a really long list<br />
    -So I'm just gonna keep going like this<br />
    -...<br />
    -...<br />
    -...knock knock<br />
    -*whispers* say "who's there?"<br />
    -*wink wink*<br />
    -....<br />
    -banana<br />
    -*whispers* say "banana who?"<br />
    -*wink wink*<br />
    -...<br />
    -I know you didn't really say "who's there?" OR "banana who?"<br />
    -So I've decided not to tell you banana who.<br />
    -hmm. too bad. guess you'll never find out.<br />
    -and my hands are starting to cramp<br />
    -well not really i just want a reason to keep talking<br />
    -but i guess this is long enough<br />
    -...<br />
    -have fun rereading this looking for the secret note i've left hidden in here :3<br />
    -END<br />
    <br />
    Things I hate: (oh boy, another list! biggrin )<br />
    -Hackers<br />
    -Jerks<br />
    -Aching Hearts
    <br />
    <br />
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