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    <br />
    User Image<br />
    ( none at the moment yet. B[ )<br />
    (Also, PM me if you want to put a hack on my profile. ;D)
    <br />
    SCREENIES<br />
    Besties. B]<br />
    My name is: Sin<br />
    I am 19 years old. (I'm an old fart. I know. )<br />
    I like: Cos-playing, Crossfire, Food, Studying, School, Reading, Mangas', Anime, Talking, Nice people, Friends, Family.<br />
    I dislike: A lot of things.<br />
    I am [ ] Single [x] Taken<br />
    Ethnicity: Asian<br />
    I like to play video games, read, sleep, be lazy, do nothing, and doodle random stuff. Yes doodle, I don't think my drawings are worth to be called art. B]<br />
    I like to use grammar, I don't like people who type like noobs, such as "how r u 2day, can u don8?" Type like a literate person and act your age.<br />
    I have great friends who are always there for me.<br />
    Here is my list of awesome people. B]
    <br />
    Dearly Beloved<br />
    Mary Ikuni<br />
    Envisioned<br />
    Drowninq<br />
    EXPLOSlON<br />
    Luka A Strife<br />
    The Final Rest<br />
    Also, You can refer to me as: Akiyo or Ven.<br />
    I love kiwis'.<br />
    Also, draw me avi art? c:<br />
    Nicknames<br />
    *Sho - Unchained Namine, Luka A Strife<br />
    *Strifey - Envisioned<br />
    *Kiwi - Unchained Namine<br />
    *Pops - The Final Rest<br />
    Also, the nicknames with the * on them is only for the people who came up with it to use.
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