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  • Artist Info: That's right it's me! So brace yourself as you go headfirst into- basically a brick wall with a password. You can't get in, and stuff that goes in, never comes out. Or at least when it does it gets locked in an insane asylum... o.e<br />
    All right, enuff chitchat, and here's me:<br />
    User Image<br />
    oops, heh heh, wrong pic!<br />
    Here's me:<br />
    User Image<br />
    Yup ish me! well, if I was an animal... o.e Awkward! Gay baby! PM me to find out what I mean.<br />
    Here's the REAL me:<br />
    User Image<br />
    Oops that's a parrot... Well, I look like my avatar without the fantasy items. Pale skin. Tall(5'8"!). Long blonde hair. Curves. Not interested, pervs! Hey, it rhymes! And don't furget the HEADPHONES!!!<br />
    I'm a songwriter, and my lyrics are kinda random. I've only posted one on gaia, and it's about my previous avatar's username, and sorta the meaning behind it. Ask for me to write a song for you! I'm cheap- only 2k per song. If you buy 3 it's only the cost of 2, buy 4, only the cost of 3, etc.<br />
    My absolute favorite random song is Don't Trust Me by my favorite band, 3OH!3. My favorite love song is Halo by Beyonce. My favorite Taylor Swift song is You Belong With Me. My favorite old song is Disturbia by Rihanna. My two favorite rap songs are by my man, T.I.: Dead and Gone, and Live Your Life. My favorite oldies song is I Feel Good by James Brown. I also like Switch by Will Smith. I don't like the Jonas Brothers, except for two songs, Burnin' Up, and Tonight. The only song by Justin Bieber that I like is One Time.<br />
    My favorite animal is a Snow Leopard, and I'm totally against pollution, which is why I only watch TV for one hour every week, and I'm only on the computer for a few hours a day.<br />
    I like to hang in the towns, so ask me what town I'm in if I'm online.<br />
    I have an AIM. Ask?<br />
    Well, that's all I guess.<br />
    Peace, Love, Happiness.<br />
    Snow Leopard, out.<br />
    - Luna
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