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  • Artist Info: WHAT MAKES ME SMILE: <br />
    When people stand up for what they believe in. <br />
    When people are willing to forgive each other instead of holding grudges. <br />
    When people accept others the way they are without having pre-judged/biased ideas about them. <br />
    When someone goes out of their way to help out a complete stranger if they don't really have to. <br />
    When people act themselves and don't pretend to be someone they're not. <br />
    When people see both the good and bad in others, but focus more on the good. <br />
    When people risk their lives for someone else. <br />
    When people give material things like money, fashion, status, work etc a lower priority than friendship and spending time on things that inspire them. <br />
    <br />
    Corruption (then again, who doesn't... except politicians, that is) smile <br />
    Any kind of discrimination. <br />
    When people try to force their customs, formalities or traditions down on others. <br />
    When people betray their principles to be able to "fit in" with someone else, or for any other reason. <br />
    When people pretend to listen to what you say, but don't really care. <br />
    When people are stingy and refuse to share, especially when they don't need it. <br />
    When people are so convinced they are right that they don't care what anyone else says. <br />
    When people only focus on other people's negative aspects and ignore the good in them.
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