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    ...This is all new...But here goes nothing... I'm on of those people who thinks highly of themselves. I try to make people laugh or cry from laughing. I'm usualy very mellow about things and can take alot of perssure. I'm a highschool football god and love the sport. Plus the cheerleaders aren't that bad, either... <br />
    Usually I'm bus playing gituar in my best friends' band, Cold Coffee. or i'm practicing for collage football.<br />
    I have to thank my friend Jojo, for introducing me to this... She's one of a kind. Her and Stacy are the two loves in my life. I don't think i can breath without Stacy or smile without Jojo. But there will always be an empty hole from where my "sister" Ash was. She was one of a kind like all of us.My favorite quote is one that is with me ever day:
    "I laugh in the face of danger. Then run and hide until it goes away"
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