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    I am Izzy. There's no point in explaining myself to you, so I'll just say a few things that make me who I am.<br />
    Izzy is a vegetarian, part time raw-foodist, but I can't commit. I am a very contridicting person. For example, I love it when the sun shines and the sky is blue [cue Electric Light Orchestra] but there are also days when I can find no other beauty than the rain. The only time I hate it when it rains is when I'm doing something important on the internet. I am in highschool. Not telling you how old I am or where I live, because that's completely idiotic. I've learned a few life lessons on Gaiaonline [member since July '07]. <br />
    1.) Never argue with educated adults. You could never insult them; and cussing them out is just a demonstration of your feeble-minded brain.<br />
    2.) 75% of guys that have salty avatars make them purposely salty to make up for their actual appearance.<br />
    I've been called many things before-- hoe, scene, emo, hippie. I, however, don't cling to labels. I am, who I am. Yes, I will indeed go outside in a giant white tutu skirt and combat boots. I actually have before, many times. Life is much too short to be wasting it on boring clothes and being "regular". Fin. Congradulations, you made it to the end of this essay. Thank you for not saying tl:dr. Cheers.(:
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