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  • Artist Info: A good friend. Someone sincere. Im nice and polite.<br />
    Im bratty and hidden. Im 12, Im eternal...I am moody and I am quiet.<br />
    I know and I have a lot to talk about. I know and I stay silent when u want.<br />
    I could find out about u in mere seconds. I will always accept u for who u are.<br />
    I like fun. I appear to be always flirting. I am true to only one love.<br />
    I like ideals. I love the flaws. I sometimes start bouncing off walls.<br />
    My philosophy is simple. But I have one for everything. <br />
    Heaven save u if I start to rant.<br />
    U can find me when u need help. I'll find u when I ve got fun to share.<br />
    And also...I am going to be naked. To hell with avatar customisation.<br />
    Find me and I will be who u seek. And we will laugh a lot.
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