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  • Artist Info: welllllllllllllll then. im 15. my bday is jan 21st. im hot. hmm...im emo...i love the bands heaven shall burn and drowning pool. my favorite colors are black, crimson, and neon green. im bi. i have an amazing boyfreind named jacob black<33 i love him more than anything else. i also love the band motion city soundtrack. hmmmmmmmmmmmm....mood status:currently likeing someone but not ganna tell them cuz i dnt kno if they like meh. =) hmmm.... my favorite animals are penguins, dragons, and cute dinosaurs, ooooh! and unicorns! XD uhmm if you wanna kno anything else...just message meh. =)<br />
    heres a list of all the bands i like/love in no particular order<br />
    heaven shall burn<br />
    motion city soundtrack<br />
    taking back sunday<br />
    whitechapel<br />
    my chemical romance<br />
    bring me the horizon<br />
    coldplay<br />
    as blood runs black<br />
    i killed the prom queen<br />
    as i lay dying<br />
    bullet for my valentine<br />
    10 years<br />
    three days grace<br />
    breaking benjamin<br />
    slipknot <br />
    all that remains<br />
    atreyu<br />
    august burns red<br />
    avenged sevenfold
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