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    <br />
    <br />
    Anyway ...<br />
    I ramble<br />
    I write<br />
    I sing because you said a word that's in a song I love<br />
    My girlfriend is wonderful<br />
    I'm 23<br />
    Obviously I'm female<br />
    You don't need to know where I live<br />
    I work at a computer store<br />
    I read too much (haha jk)<br />
    My old manager called me "Little Miss Looks on the Bright Side of Everything"<br />
    I wasn't sure if that's in insult or not<br />
    I want to own a munchkin Scottish fold<br />
    If you don't know what that is, go to YouTube now and coo over the vids<br />
    I have asthma<br />
    I have a tattoo on my shoulder<br />
    I have a Dark Mark tattoo<br />
    I have this insane ability to attract insane people in my store<br />
    They feel inclined to talk to me for hours on end<br />
    I have both ears pierced. One side has 3 holes, the other has 4<br />
    I want more<br />
    My next tattoo is going to be of feathers on the back of my leg<br />
    Or maybe a quote, but not yet sure where<br />
    I enjoy having discussions on philosophy<br />
    I adhere Epicurus, mostly<br />
    I had a 22 year old cat<br />
    I like cookies with M&M's in them<br />
    Brownies are really good, too<br />
    I want to write a novel one day<br />
    My girlfriend is beautiful<br />
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