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  • Artist Info: so I guess there isnt much about me.<br />
    Name: Cassie<br />
    Age: why do you need to know......stalkers<br />
    Hair color: brown <br />
    Dyed hair color: was red but its going away<br />
    Eye color: ugly blue green...and glasses <br />
    Music: A7x, evanescence, all time low, All American rejects, others i cant think of on the spot<br />
    what i do in my free time: play the flute, read, listen to music, talk/hang out with friends<br />
    books: the note book, life as we knew it, percy jackson and the olympians series<br />
    obessesions: glee, the notebook movie and book, music in general<br />
    things to know: i get annoyed easily, im a "geek" according to jacob, im wierd<br />
    Wanna know more?add/pm me :]
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