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    Hello, my name is Silas.
    <br />
    I'm a guy and I believe in Agnosticism and have little faith in a God of any sort with a piled ideal that the world would have been much better off if man had never created the concept of such a being. Arguing as to why my thoughts are correct and yours are not is pointless seeing as how everyone is ignorant to opinions aside from their own so I won't.<br />
    Politically I am Democrat and my opinion on subjects of interest are as follow; pro-choice, I support the death penalty along with gay marriage and separation of church and state; I think of anyone who is against the final two as an absolute idiot.<br />
    If my ideals upset you then I'm sorry, but there isn't much I'm willing to do.<br />
    I listen to a large variety of music, mostly indie stuff. Yes, I listen to it because it's not mainstream, yes I have abandoned bands because they went mainstream. No it wasn't the only reason, I don't like it when something gets played on the radio enough that I want to turn it off every time it comes on.<br />
    I hate Hipsters, Emos, Scene kids, Douche bags (think Jersey shore), anyone who watches Jersey Shore, every Call of Duty after MW1, anything related to idolizing gangsters, Michael Cera, Anime and spiders.<br />
    I enjoy rants, myself, video-games and the song I listened to while writing this and thinking about how much better life must be when you have a corgi or two.
    <br />
    <br />
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