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  • Artist Info: hiie,<br />
    mez names ish baylie.<br />
    im am 14yrs old lolz <br />
    if you mess wit me homies im mess yall up 5 timez harder.<br />
    I play basketball lawl and tennies.<br />
    i like to talkks alot so my nameh is lipperz cuz they goin all the timez <br />
    and i am funny i make ppls crak up when day sadish<br />
    i ish love doggies and catz<br />
    i gotz 2 hermish crabs Tweezy and evea.<br />
    and my favish basketball team is the RAINMEN i know em all like heyy yo little they callz my baylie bear<br />
    JIMMY #1<br />
    AJ #2<br />
    ZAC #3 <br />
    BRAIN #6 <br />
    MICHAEL #7<br />
    TONY #13<br />
    CORDEL #17<br />
    REGGIE #33<br />
    DAVID#34<br />
    JOHN #42<br />
    TYRRONE #52<br />
    i love dem they loves me my best friend ish shannon<br />
    (isunlight story) smile ish loves my sun<br />
    <br />
    ok one thing ish dont piss me off cuz it a not gonna turn out nice cuz i get ma homies to kick ya assz wooooohooo<br />
    and i am i really good drawler i do lotz of arts and<br />
    i love itay and egypt and if you ish want to know me more pms meh and i yall hit you up wit it all when i canz<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    lolz lawl <br />
    <br />
    see you laters
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