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  • Artist Info: ~PRESENTING ME~ <br />
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    My name is Alexis, but call my Lexi, everyone does and I am a pretty care free person. I love to read, draw, write. I love English and History and my favorite animal is a cat. On the color scale, I cant shoose between orange or green as my favorite color and I'm about the biggest tree hugger you will ever meet. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I hate double standards but I'm willing to forgive people if they really mean it. I grew up in quite a large family so i know what its like to be the middle child and I'm always willing to help other people my age out with their problems. <br />
    My dreams include finishing college with a degree of Library and Madia Science and becoming a published author. I have one story which is my "baby" and so far I think its going pretty well. I like to post different parts of it, so feel free to give me constructive critisism, if you wish.<br />
    Right now my life consists of tryong to get through college, without ending up in a mountain of debt. Lets Hope It works!<br />
    <br />
    GO RUSSIA!!!! &gt;.&lt;
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