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    Hi People!!! I am Kaitie!!! Ima freshman in highschool, I love to talk and be myself! Im very funny, and I like to crack sexual jokes every now and then. XD. I like to write on myself, ima bit emo, even if I think hardcore emos are sad lil elves. UM, Im bad at math, I like the color bule, and I enjoy first peiriod the most cause I like to talk to Brit (AKA Britasurus) and my My molester James. Plus May-May is there, and she is just fun to bug. MY MOST FAVE THINGS IN THE WORLD ARE: Blood On The Dance Floor, Hot Topic, Chinise food, the color blue, rubber bracelets, anything that is flavored green apple or blue rasberry, Condom Jokes, Subway, the song Sexxting, roleplaying, my friends (even though they like to rape me), Fuego, Dirty Jokes, Rap Music, Harry Potter, Freedom, Steamy Daydreams, When teachers let Explict jokes slide (or try to make {this ones to u mr. Castle}), and I like being happy and junk like that. Be my friend and we can share an old man sweater, and go play ping-pong! mrgreen I like to text alot, and doodle on the margins of my paper, which pisses my english teacher off ^__^ I enjoy recording fouth period, even though the whole time u hear me singing explicit songs under my breath while my teacher talks about indesign. Im very out going, and sweet, but cross me bad, I will explode, and it wont be pretty. Plus I have a gang of molesters who will rape you like the grapist. I like to play the gameboy, and the gamecube, and the SEGA. Passing notes is fun to do, cause my teacher doesnt epect it ay miore, since its become and archaiac form of communication, like bullitan boards, and snail mail. My favorite toy In the world is ur heart wink , eh jk. The best thing tha has ever happened, was Jayy Von Monroe, showing me his tongue ring when I asked him heart . I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM, AND DAHVIE VANITY. Ima slave for em. ANYWAYZ, I love music and I am pretty much awesome, so yeah. BYE!!<br />
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