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    My Name's Michaela, I'm 16.<br />
    D.O.B:1/31/94<br />
    im different, deffinately.<br />
    I prefer night to Day, rain to shine, and winter to summer.<br />
    I have a really sweet boyfriend ^//^<br />
    i like victorian goth.<br />
    i like dying my hair obscene colors.<br />
    ... and now i really like pocky... 8D<br />
    ----FAVORITES!!----<br />
    -music: Rock, classical, folk metal<br />
    -season: Winter and autumn<br />
    -Color: violet, aqua, rose<br />
    -smell: japanese cherry blossom<br />
    -fruit: papaya, strawberry, cherry<br />
    -vegitable: spinache, peas <br />
    -feeling: love, creativity<br />
    -anime: inuyasha,trinity blood, samurai champloo,paranoia agent,eureka seven, full metal alchemist<br />
    -manga: chobits,godchild, goth, cardcaptor sakura, kingdom hearts, le portrait de petite cossette, vampire knight<br />
    ------------------------<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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