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  • Artist Info: Hi, I'm Cody Thompson, but please call me Kakashi. I am 14 years old and I'm a VAMPIRE lol not really but seriously my eye teeth are longer than my front ones! I am a METAL HEAD!!!!! If you need reassurance just look at the Favorite Bands list. I have really long brown hair, and you wouldn't be able to see anything else (I like my hair in my face). I taught myself how to play guitar and I love it! It's fun! I also like to play Guitar Hero (yah, that's right...I play the plast-etric guitar!), video games, talk on the phone, internet, typical teenage (whoops!) boy things.<br />
    <br />
    I have a girlfriend so don't ask me (yes I'm THAT hot lol jk not really [besides, I'm not into online dating]) but her name is Elizabeth Holseth (she likes to be called Alexia... *rolls eyes* whatever [I'll always identify her as Beth]) and she's Dark Alessa Gillespie if you would like to meet her. She's a really nice girl and a good friend. I love her a lot and I hope to be with her forever.<br />
    <br />
    I have a few friends, not as many as I'd like to have (I'm very antisocial), but they make up for it. Let's see...there's Beth (DUH!), Tyler, Kiel, and a few others that are sort of friends (they're cool, but they can be a**holes at the same time)...oh, and for this Friends List, don't complain if your not at the top because all of my friends are EQUAL!!!!! I have them in the order I made them.<br />
    <br />
    So, yah...that's a little bit about me...
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