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    Analyzing Specs...waiting.....done. Setting up information parameters.....done.<br />
    Name:Keichi Kobayashi<br />
    Real Name:Classified<br />
    Age:Classified<br />
    Sex:Not yet<br />
    Gender:Male<br />
    Favorite Anime:Lucky star,Gunslinger Girl,Elfen Lied<br />
    Favorite Types of Music:J-pop,J-metal,j-rock,rock,pop,metal,heavy metal<br />
    opera<br />
    Favorite Manga Artist:Ken Akamatsu<br />
    Style of Art: Manga,"moe" style<br />
    Favorite Food:Sushi,udon noodle soup,pizza,burgers,french fries,korean BBQ,etc.<br />
    Least Favorite Food: None. <br />
    Summary: Keichi Kobayashi AKA Kei is a senior high school student,a relatively normal adolescent other than his love of manga and anime.Kei excels in the manga art form and his knowledge breadth of the medium is enough for him to be called a geek,but he hates being called such names.Kei also enjoys listening to Japanese Rock music and almost all types of rock music in general.Kei has been known as a softspoken individual,but once a person befriends him,he is a loyal friend and quite pleasant to be around.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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