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    Why Hai Thar.<br />
    It seems that you have visited my profile by accident. Or did you? ;]Well, I'll tell you a little bit about me because you visited my profile. Either by accident or in purpose.I ish -- years old. Hmm...Sorry, I seem to forget my age. My name is aena. I dunt care if you say it right or not. My b-day is on December 15. Give me a gift? :]I ish a proud pinay. I am sometimes a very lazy girl.I live somewhere in outer space. I might be an alien though. XD But I'm not. Im serious. -.- I like reading, hanging out with friends and surfing the internet. I dunt consider myself smart, but my classmates does anyways. Kthxbai! 0 3 0<br />
    ish happily taken btw. :3<br />
    and for those people/gaians who don't remember me anymore,<br />
    thats sad. I used to be x__moonstar && moonstar1597.
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