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    Call me Az; <br />
    ♥ Unapologetically Muslim - & the happiest I can be about it~! [Yes, not even biased, wrong media can take me down! Before you judge me, ask me about it! :'3]<br />
    Niqabi Jilbabi Hijabi ♥ My hijab is my crown. :')<br />
    British Bengali - born in Northampton, raised and living in London~ <br />
    Writing - research papers, stories and poetry about my soul-twin. <br />
    I am__ 24. Student and teacher. A writer. A reader. A dreamer. A very big dreamer. Always up for fun. In love with nature. Had a kitty called Billy~ Wanting to listen to people. Wanting to make friends! Wanting to be better. Wanting to save the world! Expanding my horizons. Flying~<br />
    <br />
    SAY THINGS TO ME<br />
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