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    Call me CUPPICAKE! ^^
    <br />
    <br />
    You can send me presents this day:<br />
    November/Fourth<br />
    How old?:<br />
    19 years of age my lovelies!<br />
    I'm short I know:<br />
    5' and happy!<br />
    What do I weigh?:<br />
    Let's just say I'm an athlete and work out everyday 3nodding <br />
    Proud to be an American(That longs to be Japanese hehe~)<br />
    Status:<br />
    In a relationship with my love in real world for about 4 years now!<br />
    Been on gaia for how long?:<br />
    Lost track of time wink <br />
    How many Buds?:<br />
    Too many to count!<br />
    Role playing skill?:<br />
    I would say literate. ^^<br />
    Music fixes everything:<br />
    Anime songs, Instrumental, Classical, 70s, 80s, pretty much anything but country music<br />
    Things I do in my free time:<br />
    Gaia, Watch anime, Sports, Play piano, Go outside, TV, Hang with friends, Write, Role Play<br />
    Anime/Manga?:<br />
    Shagun No Shana;Bleach;Death Note;Code Geass;Higurashi;Chobits;Yugioh;Pokemon;Hellsing;Fruits Basket;Pixie Pop;OHSHC;Elfin Lied;Shugo Chara;Monster;Future Diary;Midori No Hibi
    <br />
    <br />
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