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    FREE HUGS!! xd
    <br />
    hey-o! this kira- kira suki<br />
    Real name Phuong Kathy Danh<br />
    Been called Bionic women, kathy phuong billa ping pong phuong, yao ming<br />
    Decmeber 13, 1994<br />
    ASIAN: Vietnamese Cambodian, Black-inese wink <br />
    Speak fobbish language<br />
    Lives in loma linda, Cali<br />
    jokes around, loyal, friendly, mean but friend should know i'm joking, ADVENTUROUS, R@Nd0m, artistic, and caring<br />
    Currently forever single cry crying but don't care 4laugh <br />
    Goes to Redlands High School. Go terriers!<br />
    On freshman basketball team<br />
    heart singing in Les Chanteuses choir
    <br />
    MY FUTURE HUSBAND heart mrgreen
    <br />
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