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  • Artist Info: Dear Stalker,<br />
    yum_strawberry Ive notice the first thing you came to see my profile is about me. For your information when you read this, you may feel like you'll regret reading this <br />
    My name is ClaudineKay. I like Strawberry Milk. Im Filipino and Chinese, i am a CHINO. you dont like it? GTFO my page! I like Rock, Scremo, RnB, Alternative, Techno, Kpop. I prefer soft tacos than crunchy, Roller Coasters than ferris wheels,shuffling and tecktonic than jumpstyle, VideoGames than televison and anime than tv channels, Cheesecake than Pie, Hot Pockets than Pizza, BurgerKing than McDonalds, Apples than Oranges, I always prefer watermelon and strawberries! If i had to choose a flavor water id choose Kiwi Strawberry baby^^
    yum_strawberry <br />
    If you dont like me then leave me alone otherwise see mah brightside yum_puddi <br />
    - yours truly<br />
    The Writer emotion_yatta
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