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  • Artist Info: Well let's get the important stuff first before I forget. I can be really quiet and really loud. I love to write and plan to work in the medical field then become an author. I'm a really deep thinker. Well I hope so I don't want to be shallow razz . I never tell people I hate them. I never really get mad. I'm all about making my friends and family happy. Oh and I love eating mangoes, watermelon, beef jerky, sugar cookies, frozen grapes, mandarine oranges from the can, salad - with crutons of course wink -, and... wow I'm... a pig... o.o.... eh whatever. But hey, I have fast metabolism. I can live without my phone... Unlike the txt-addicts I call friends. Haha jk. - not really -. Oh and my cousin got me addicted but I can't go a week without doing my nails. The longest I've lasted since this... nail spree was 4 days. Yeah for 4 days I had no nail polish on... 0.0 it sucked. So yeah I used to do them everyday. Different color, design, etc. but I'm controlling it better now lol. <br />
    <br />
    Anyways back to the list of About-Me's,I've never stopped being friends with anyone, get guilty very easily, look at things from multiple points of view to understand those around me better. Yeah well there's a lot more. If you want to know just drop a comment. Oh and if I don't answer, that's because I don't go on a lot. But I'm starting to now ^.^
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