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  • Artist Info: aye pplz of Gaialand!!<br />
    lolz...<br />
    my names marrrry but no 1 rly cares, so you can call me mdog<br />
    i luuuuuuv twilight, and kinda harry potter, but like, he's so yesterday, know what i mean?<br />
    lol<br />
    i like to say "lol" and "lolz" a lot..<br />
    i like rap and hiphop... and some pop but like... its pop.<br />
    alternative rock and plain old rock are cool too<br />
    i have a cr@pulacious ipod nano.. which my dad got me USED for my birthday... he can be so cheap sometimes. <br />
    also a cr@pulacious RAZR from verizon... also cheap cuz like its breaking but he wont get me a new one..<br />
    lol<br />
    im talking too much about myself, aren't i?<br />
    please, leave a comment or message me about anything, really. <br />
    chow!<br />
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