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    I'm 19.<br />
    I'm a very tiny.<br />
    I'm not girly.<br />
    I can be a bitch, but I'm really nice.<br />
    I'm pretty much a vampire.<br />
    I sleep all day, and am up all night.<br />
    I bite, I love blood, I hate the sun.<br />
    I like to argue until I win.<br />
    Gore makes me happy.<br />
    I'm a twisted person.<br />
    I laugh at things that really shouldn't be funny.<br />
    I have stupid fears, and I'm slightly paranoid about things.<br />
    I have OCD.<br />
    I can't really spell well, if it weren't for firefox my spelling would be horrid.<br />
    If I catch a spelling mistake I tend to correct you.<br />
    I type proper english, iF y0U pLaN 0n TypiiN LiikE DiiS....DON'T TALK TO ME.<br />
    I know random information about random things.<br />
    I speak in spoonerisms sometimes.<br />
    I have piercings.<br />
    I love bats, I want one.<br />
    Ask me a stupid question, get a stupid answer.<br />
    Sometimes the things I say only make sense in my mind.<br />
    I believe in Karma.<br />
    I am a juggalette&lt;3<br />
    I listen to a lot of other things as well.<br />
    Don't tell me ICP is gay. I like them, I don't care if you do or not.<br />
    90% of you form an opinion on me because of what I listen to, and how I look.<br />
    90% of you will form a wrong opinion of me in doing that.<br />
    I'm open, and brutally honest.<br />
    I will express my opinion. <br />
    You probably will call me a b----, or get offended by it.<br />
    Not my problem. I don't shut my mouth, <br />
    especially if you post something in a forum. You may not like what I say. <br />
    It's the way I am, if you don't like it you don't have to associate with me.<br />
    I don't get offended easy.<br />
    I don't take s--- from people.<br />
    I'm one of the realest people left in this world of fakes.<br />
    I am not a direct clone of another, and I do my own thing.<br />
    <br />
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