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    i may seem innocent. but trust me. get to know me, and youll realize how innocent i really am &gt;:3<br />
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    i dance like a loser in my kitchen to Shake It. I bit off the heads to my Barbies and played with Pokemon action figures. I play with fire, knives, and guns, and I'm always up for paintballing. I cuss like it's my job. I laugh when my best friend falls down the stairs and laugh even harder when I do smile .Im the dork who gets sick off of kiwis and likes to act gangster at 3AM and im the dork who breaks their toe acting like a ballerina in the kitchen and slams their toe onto the oven handle.<br />
    i am nothing like you've ever met before.<br />
    trust me.<br />
    <br />
    So go ahead and message me to tell me how lame i am.
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