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  • Artist Info: i havegreen eyes and black/red hair.im african/japanese american. i was livin in florida but now im living in Los angelos.i have a few brothers and 1 sis who r already adults.i love animals,i have a few pets that are really cute.i also love vampires,and im so into ^o^ poetry,i have writin a lot of poems about vampires,i also write poems about other things to,but i write alot of vampire poems i dont know why i do it it's just fun and im just really into it.places i would love to visit are peru,<br />
    korea,argentina,,and of course disneyland.i love my parents even though they are nosey,and my cousin,charles,favour,and ofonumeh.i totally love scary movies they're so awsome,i have seen the grudge2 scarymovie4(which by the way is funny not to scary but who cares)and so on(dont wanna go on listing scary movies i have watched im kinda tired of this.and last but not least im very artistic,well atlest thats what my friends say.and speaking of my friends some times they dont get me they always think im in a bad mood even when im not,i'm a very happy person, it may not seem like i am,because of my facial expression,but seriously GUY'S IM ok.
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