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  • Artist Info: User Image<br />
    hiya, I'm ana! :]<br />
    Well this is my gaia.<br />
    (new one. i cant get in my old one.)<br />
    Im mostly on towns so you can catch me there when Im online<br />
    or in arenas submiting or voting on stuff.<br />
    I doodle a lot.<br />
    tell me my avi looks like a noob,<br />
    i dont give a fuck. <br />
    i use my gold in submitting photos and writing that i have done.<br />
    Dancing rainbows drinking hot chocolate in a white room is what People describe me as.<br />
    Im not immature i just know who to have fun. ;]<br />
    Add me because you like me and wanna talk, i dont just wanna be a number.<br />
    I have MSN but i dont get in it same goes for yahoo IM.<br />
    Im always on AIM, my sn is anniearson, add me :]<br />
    I also have myspace, but i got hacked and i cant get in.<br />
    (currently fixing that)<br />
    As you can see i use emoticons or whatever you wanna call them ALOT!<br />
    dont try to tell me off,<br />
    you will just get whiplashed with my words.<br />
    get to know me, we can be BFF's or the wrost of enemies<br />
    i hope we can be BFF's<br />
    you will love me bunches.<br />
    I promise!<br />
    &lt;3<br />
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