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  • Artist Info: hi everyone my name is melissa(mnp) i drew everything on here that has mnp on it and the edits of greed i did too xd ^w^ i love anime!! ANIME!!!but my fan animes are Deathnote and Blood biggrin and the most important one of all.........FULLMTETAL ALCHEMIST!!!!!!!!!!FMA!!!!FMA!!!!!oh sorry about that :sweat; anyway this account is for my fanfic of fma biggrin i loves anime some much one day i wanna create it ^w^ heart ,my fma fanfic is a completely diffenrt story line,its like its own seires,and its like the orignal anime ^w^ i made it not cause i dont like the normal fma sweatdrop IT CAUSE I LOVE FMA SO MUCH mrgreen in my fanfic Al becomes a homunculus named greed mrgreen he replaces sloth(the homunculus of ed and al's mom) and he dosent have the ulitimate sheild powers either D: anyway greed was created by ed when ed tried to bring al back xd ps in my fanfic ed and al never got to try to bring their mom back since al died T~T and al never got put in the amour see the differnce all ready? XD ask me if you wanna know more ok xd here is the logo for my fanfic<br />
    User Image yes it rly looks like that xd <br />
    <br />
    {Greed's Info} hi there im greed twisted User Image and as melissa said i am a homunculus twisted and yes im the homunculus of alphonse elric evil but there are many differnces between me and him!for one........I HATE...no.......I DISPISE EDWARD!!!i was born thourgh his pathatic little atempt to revive his pathatic little brother!and since i wasent alphonse i was abadoned!! i hate edward!! i will kill him as well!!anyway i am like the others i want the stone! for myself!and i am going to take it away from anyone who has it!my powers are so fun twisted i can take over anyone's mind,body or soul evil except Edward and for those that have Alphonse's remains emo any-who i hate humans!every last one! evil envy and lust are the closest to me and truely i dont like them and.......truely i want to be human.:emo' DONT TELL NO ONE I KEEL YOU!!url=http://tektek.org/avatar/27169239]User Image kaiyu ^^User Image zach X3User Image ed from my version User Image sloth from my version in her work outfitUser Image<br />
    Total Value: 62,487 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    and greed biggrin ..........with bats......................Owo idk i was bored xd <br />
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