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  • Artist Info: Allo, I'm Kile. Welcome to my page. <br />
    <br />
    Orientation: Bi <br />
    Pretend Lovers: Nicki (prince NICKI) <br />
    Siblings: Two Older Brothers <br />
    Piercings/Tattoos: My ears are pierced all the way up and I have a small cross on my right wrist <br />
    Religion: Rather not go into it <br />
    Favorite Color: Black <br />
    Favorite Music: Darkwave <br />
    Favorite Band: I Am Ghost <br />
    Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas <br />
    Favorite Video Game: The Darkness <br />
    Favorite Passion: Dance or the Occult <br />
    Favorite Food: Salt and vinegar chips <br />
    Least Favorite Food: Sweets <br />
    Favorite Place: The seaside during the winter <br />
    Favorite Cologne: Platinum Egoiste <br />
    Favorite Season: Winter <br />
    Favorite Pastime: Dance <br />
    Least Favorite Pastime: Shopping <br />
    Favorite Time of Day: Dusk <br />
    Favorite Time of Night: Any
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