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    Hi I'm Mermaid_grl but you can call me Liz. My name in Japanese is リズ. I'm a girl, DUH! I live in Ohio. My birthday is May 13. I love drawing, reading good books, playing video games, hanging out with my friends, playing sports etc... I love drawing and Im kinda good at it.<br />
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    Im getting better! I love Mermaid Melody, Chugo Chara, and Pokemon (the older episodes were better!) I love chocolate and I cant go living without it. I love animals and I'm hoping to become a vegetarian when I finally can give up my bacon and ham! I have 3 pets. A mouse named Lavan (that means white in Hebrew):<br />
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    And I have 2 pet cockatiels, Lemon (hes the yellow one) and Berry (we call her B.B. shes the gray one):<br />
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