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    Hey there. If you already know me, you know that i hate posting pics of myself and I really don't like talking about myself.<br />
    But for the rest of you I'll fill you in a tiny little bit.<br />
    I love art. Manga, anime, CG, realism, abstract; you name it I probably like it. I love drawing it, studying it, watching it come to life through shows or animations, or just browsing through DA for a few hours. <br />
    I'm also a huge gamer. Not a huge fan of shooters but I play a few when I'm bored and I have a bunch of friends over. Honestly you stick me in front of Okami and I'll play it until my Wii over-heats and it freezes (and yes I actualy have done that... several times... cat_sweatdrop Man I lost so much data after that...)<br />
    Um, let me think... What else...<br />
    Oh! <br />
    I'm 20, I live in the U.S., I loooooooove cats cat_3nodding , and I love goofing around with my friends.<br />
    <br />
    .............<br />
    <br />
    Honestly thats all i can really think of to say so I hope that helps you get to know me a bit.<br />
    If you have any other questions just PM me Kay<br />
    cat_biggrin cat_xd cat_3nodding cat_whee cat_lol cat_razz cat_4laugh cat_wink cat_rofl
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