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    Hay hayy stranger.<33<br />
    Welcome to my profile.<br />
    So, why are you wasting your time here?<br />
    Anyway, about me.<br />
    l'm a super fantasticly random and hyper freshman.<br />
    I fill basicly every blonde sereotype, as I am a lovely blonde. On the inside, where it counts. <br />
    Rawr.<br />
    <br />
    l am a complete total D.Gray-man fanatic. A die hard Allen fangirl. They need to make more chapters, no?<br />
    I play tennis, like to annoy people, expecially love donators<3, but most of all, i Lovee to converse. Just talk with me now. Feel free to add me. The more yno me, the more you'll love me. c;<br />
    <br />
    Survay~ (these are my answers)<br />
    <br />
    1. Nickname: Pauline, Eva, Kitty, Sunshine, Hey you!, and the list goes on<br />
    2. Origin of your name: My Grandma?<br />
    3. Family members: mom, dad, bro, cats<br />
    4. Interests: drawing, playing on the computer, animating, music, hanging with friends.<br />
    5. Strong point: amusing friends<br />
    6. Weak point: being too lazy<br />
    7. Weakness: lazyness, stubborness<br />
    8. Mental Age: about like, 17<br />
    9. Something surprising about yourself: My birthday is on national Lumpy Rag Day. LOL :c <br />
    10. What kind of animal do you think you are: Kitty<33<br />
    11. Habitual saying: Rejected~! (when you try to talk to someone and they ignore you and such)<br />
    12. Habitual movement: tripping over flat surfaces.. it takes skill<br />
    13. Charm point: That’s not for me to judge<br />
    14. The advantage of being a girl/boy: Ahem. Girl. And I guess it would be not having to ask people out..? (although hinting is sometimes more frusterating) ><;<br />
    15. What you would do if you are a female/male (female, male, laguz): GO BLACK AND JUMP PEOPLE. YEE <br />
    16. Favorite color: blue<br />
    17. Favorite flower: ??<br />
    18. Favorite movie: Sherlock Holmes<br />
    19. Favorite book: none really...<br />
    20. Favorite manga: DGM<333<br />
    21. Favorite TV show: Whose Line is it Anyway?/ Mythbusters<br />
    22. Favorite saying: Land that space ship! (of course only my tennis coach can say that to us when he wants us to sit down. SPACE METAPHORS IN NIKE CAMP<3) c:<br />
    23. Favorite season: spring<br />
    24. Favorite food: chocolate <br />
    25. Food that you hate the most: Mexican food<br />
    26. Favorite odor: odor has a negitive connotation, so i don't think i have one<br />
    27. Favorite song: Injection- Rise Against<br />
    28. Favorite artist: No clue<br />
    29. Favorite gem: Emerald (mainly because it's my birth stone)<br />
    30. Favorite place: In my room alone with Lacey-boo... NO. NO BAD INTERPRETED MEANING THERE ;c<br />
    31. Favorite game: Pokemon :3<br />
    32. Countries you want to visit the most: Anywhere tropical…<br />
    33. The creepiest thing in the world: My friends<33<br />
    34. Your good friends: Darby, Elizabeth, Emily, Carlos, Colin, Pablo, DeAndre, Gabby, Ransom, Veronica, Teresa, Kai, James, Lindsey, Liam (eh..), Clair, Hailey, Conner, Vanessa, Tracy, the list is too long D;<br />
    35. Best Skill: Tennis?<br />
    36. What you are good at cooking: Yogert?<3 requries no effort<br />
    37. Best sport: tennis <br />
    38. Secret of losing weight: don’t eat as much <br />
    39. The song that you always sing in karaoke singing: “I’m Mr. White Christmas, I’m Mr. Snow...”<br />
    40. Subjects you are good at: Psycology<3 now if only I took that class...<br />
    41. Subjects you are not good at: Math. NO HABLO.<br />
    42. What you do when you are not paying attention during class time: Mainly spacing, talking, or staring at Liam. c:<br />
    43. Co-curricular activity: tennis, tutoring at an elementry school<br />
    44. When to start revising for examinations: when I feel it is needed <br />
    45. Memorizing skill: writing the answer down somewhere before we have to put our notes away... LOL<br />
    46. Favorite school activity: English when I have to sit next to Liam. He's so cute and smart, Kyaa<3<br />
    47. The school rule that you cannot tolerate: the tardy policy, the schools HUGE.<br />
    48. Views on bully cases: bullies deserve punishment<br />
    49. 50m run record: Dunno, if I tried something like that, I’d get a cramp<br />
    50. What do you first do in the morning: beg for five more minutes<br />
    51. What do you last do before going to bed: fall asleep on the couch watching that 70's show... o__o<br />
    52. Average time period of sleeping: 10 hrs. <br />
    53. Average time period of bathing: Why do you want to know..?<br />
    54. Ways of maintaining health: Don’t glomp sick kids with swine flu<br />
    55. Pocket money amount: like, 20, but if going places 5<br />
    56. Pets: Three Kitties. Lacey, Peaches, and her daughter Cleo<br />
    57. What you usually dream of: Well, once i had a dream that some guy stole my pringles<br />
    58. Things that you usually bring with you: cell phone<br />
    59. The most important criteria of the partner you like: they have to make me laugh, be a gentleman, and be TOTALLY into me (or just be Liam. Old Liam. OR KYLE-BOO. LOL ;c)<br />
    60. The type of person from the opposite gender that you cannot tolerate: pride issues, ugliness, ignoring me :c<br />
    61. What do you do when you are in love: Ob-sess.<br />
    62. Age of first love: uhh technicly 14. 10/7/10 ftw. The day liam asked me to homecomming. after months of crushing (crowd goes awww)<br />
    64. Preferable age of getting married: around 30? <br />
    65. Mobile phone strap: I don’t have one<br />
    66. Mobile phone ringtone: Pokémon theme song... LOL <br />
    67. Mobile Phone Wallpaper: My brother with a pizza box over his head pretending to be a supervillian<br />
    68. Number of SMS partners: if only I knew what that means…<br />
    69. Number of SMS sent everyday: still no clue… <br />
    70. Clothing you often wear: jeans, a cute shirt, whatever i have.<br />
    71. Special clothing: tennis skirts and shirts<br />
    72. Accessories you often wear: necklace and earings<br />
    73. Things you wear everyday: pajamas if that counts<br />
    74. Favourite band: Rise against ^^<br />
    75. Make ups: foundation and mascara<br />
    76. Motivation to become an artist: Boredom?<br />
    77. Artist you first liked: no clue <br />
    78. Artist you want to meet the most: Really now… I am not really that much into artists…<br />
    79. Artist that you have met that gave you the best impression: -points at last response- <br />
    80. The job that makes you feel the most nervous about: Bank accountant. No hablo math. <br />
    81. Best impression in your job: No tengo un job<br />
    82. Dreams you want to achieve before reaching the age of 20: Get Liam back? LOL… Well, that’s other than going to college and finishing high school <br />
    83. What you would do when you grow up: psycologist. c:<br />
    84. What you want the most now: A Liam/Kyle hug... :c<br />
    85. What made you cry recently: I don't cry.<br />
    86. What made you laugh recently: My brother mixing up exorcists and psycologists. "So the dude will be comforting Santa when he has bad dreams." "Uh, no. What youre thinking of is a psycologist. Exorcists would be more like 'GET THAO DEMON OUT FROM THIS MAN -shanks santa-'"<br />
    87. What you are enthusiastic about recently: Second bf... well even if it only lasted for a week because i was in a different state for camp i still count it. Kyle-boo :3<br />
    88. What you are very much concerned about recently: TENNIS CHANGES IN DIFFERENT ALTITUDES. And my ancle hurts o__o<br />
    89. Collection: sticky notes? I have them all over my desk.<br />
    90. The most precious thing: My kitty Lacey<br />
    91. Current goal: Be all my upper classman friends' favorite freshman >:3<br />
    92. What you would do if you win a 300,000,000 Yen Lottery: Go to Quizmos (Subway ftl.) Yen is worth dirt…<br />
    93. What you would do if the world is to end tomorrow: Liam> first kiss. <br />
    94. What you would bring along if you are to go to an isolated island: My kitties, family, friends, and computer, and a five-star hotel. HELL YEAH BBY<33 (well, if it has food and water and stuff already)<br />
    95. What you would do if you have a time machine: Hope it is the Hot Tub Time Machine and go back to 1986 and wow an audience by singing the Black Eyed Peas.<br />
    96. What would your wish be if God grant you one wish: The classic. Wish for more wishes c: <br />
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