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  • Artist Info: I am in college. My major is ASL (American Sign Language) for now. <br />
    I don't like drama in my life. Well more specifically BS drama. The kind that is brought into someone's life just because someones life is so boring and they think that they are a celebrity, BUT NOT!<br />
    I don't put up with much non-sense anymore; especially with guys. <br />
    I don't have too many friends that are girls because I just don't like how most of them act. If you were born near when I was born, you know how a majority of those girls act. <br />
    When it comes to the guys, I love men. Boys need to stay with their momma's. I like a man to be responsible and respectable. Respect me and I will respect you. <br />
    Never try to undermined me.<br />
    Don't try to control me.<br />
    No one controls me other than...ME.
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