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  • Artist Info: Camille <br />
    a beautiful girl who's sweet enough to wake up at 4am and sing you a song. bipolar at times. falls asleep fast upon lying down the bed. gorgeous (with or without braces), pretty, can sing well. hates balloons, loves flowers. edward loves this girl.<br />
    -Urban dictionary<br />
    As you can tell, I'm Camille, but please call me Cami or Pengy. I've been on gaia since 2008, but was hacked, and since then I have flourished with this account! smile I've made a lot of good friends, one who drew my very first piece of art and one who drew that lovely picture down below(I'll tell you more about her down there). I play the flute(badly) but I love it. I'm a choir soprano, who can't sing, but at least I do. I do NOT accept random friend requests, talk to me a little first! smile Until we speak again... (^v^)<br />
    <br />
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