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  • Artist Info: Mah name’Storm. Five feet in height- young, really young, so don’t even think about it. Good Girl-in general: Nope, never touched drugs or killed anybody (Yet, anyway). Not exactly bad girl, but school is a douche bag, and I hate rules. Swears a little too much, but so do half of America . I’m the perfect girl in the frame- for some people. But I’m not all sugar a roses either. Though I can be real sweet, just watch out, cause I CAN break bones when I have to.. Athletic and really fit, I love the outdoors and anything that's challenging. One more of my dream is to climb the Everest- now who wants to climb with meh<br />
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    What's Your Mental Disorder:<br />
    ADHD<br />
    Though you aren’t really crazy, you do have issues. You are impulsive, hyperactive, and not to mention easily distracted. You can’t sit still and you don’t exactly think before you act. You just need to learn how to chill and everything will be good.<br />
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    What People Think Of Me At First Sight:<br />
    (Surprisingly true)<br />
    You scare ppl!but you are not mean, you are a good friend once people come to know you..just be a bit more open!<br />
    <br />
    My Face Book is : http://www.facebook.com/clasherz<br />
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