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  • Artist Info: hi my name is mason <br />
    5/14/19 (cant tell the rest)<br />
    i have brown hair and blue eyes<br />
    i play footbal (tackle)<br />
    i play the electric guitar (but i suck :[ )<br />
    i like to draw...<br />
    i have two dogs connan and casey<br />
    ohh yeah and i play gaia online<br />
    my favorite movie is meet the THE COMEBACKS<br />
    i listen to different music accept for rap and country<br />
    i like to be told jokes (tell one or die)heehee..<br />
    i have a big brother aka I_I_jinx_I_I<br />
    i get crazy a lot but i dont know why.....<br />
    ummmm i like animals <br />
    my favorite song is dont trust me by 3oh!3<br />
    i got hacked once and the user's name is 0xxninjadudexx0<br />
    im sporty<br />
    uummm i like funny movies<br />
    i like playing Rockband 2 on my wii<br />
    uumm i want a farret for a pet really badly<br />
    i've been to Cancun,Mexico once for a week<br />
    i listen to music loud razz <br />
    umm so thats all i guess.....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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