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  • Artist Info: So the names Sabrina.<br />
    Age:16<br />
    Cake Day:July 25<br />
    Well whats there about me?Hmmmm...Well I have a wiffey named Monica in RL.She is my bestest friend.I mostly go on here and I also go on myspace.<br />
    Well all my pets are gone!!!! crying <br />
    But there not dead.My dad gave them away cause we couldn't take better care of them.But we are getting another dog!!!YaY!!!!Well I go to a kinda ''cool'' school.I don't go there to learn I go there for friends!!!I don't have a boyfriend cause my wiffey Monica will KiLl Me!!!:O<br />
    Well I ain't that rich and.....<br />
    ♥!!And I'm Proud!!♥<br />
    Well thats all I have to say bout myself......FoR nOw!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Note to self:<br />
    *Pictures of me will be posted shortly.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    im so lonleyer than ever cus no one ever texts me SOO ^-^ heres my # for all you stalkers! BUT! no calling meh cus i got minutes only text, and tell me your name and that ur from gaia kk WAIT! i noticed that im going to get rapes soo! if you want my number ask me ill PM you it k! luvs all ya!
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