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    Hello, I go by Blue, Li or by a special friend from an old profile "Saya" . Family members mostly call me by my full name, but I would appreciate it if you either say Li or my user name. =) <br />
    I really enjoy anime, it's one of my bigger interests along with drawing and now Sewing. I've been doing that for more than a year I think. guess it kinda started when I graduated. so those are basically my hobbies. I am a fan of Homestuck and creepy pasta Comics not so much the stories as I don't have a big horror/creepy fan bone in my body, while the comics are rather comical.. I am quite fond/interested of/in "Slendy"-I call him George- him being my second creepy pasta I had met. First one was Tails doll. I kinda adored him. Tails is one of my favorite sonic players and I find the little pictures of tails doll really cute. =P <br />
    I enjoy drawing, it's a fun pass time though I don't do it often as sewing things if I am doing something... and also embroidery which is like drawing but with string. :3 <br />
    I like pokemon, gamewise and show wise. I collect the cards but I don't play the game. I don't really know how. I enjoy Blood+ and hetalia, skip beat, Fruit basket, OHSHC, Reborn, Mlp Fim, and black butler. At least these are the major ones that I revolve around. plus interests can show what I like. <br />
    <br />
    ~Due to my computer and it's issue with not wanting to shift avatars, and other stuff, my profile won't be changing much any time soon.~ <br />
    I hope you all enjoy your time on my profile, and have a good day. :3
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