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  • Artist Info: Well, about me. I love Fullmetal Alchemist ( a LOT) and my account (Insanity is Iminent) got frickin' HACKED so now I'm stuck with this stupid account. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFrick. Whew, almost said a bad word there. Ah, well, it would've been censored out anyways. Ok, my name is Elisabeth. I go by Eli. JUST ELI. I'm only fourteen and I'm not telling you where I live, but it's on the east coast of America. Just so you know the time zone. So I'm a MAJOR otaku and I am in love with Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham (Edward Elric and Roy Mustang), but I REALLY love D.Gray-Man, too. Lavi ish HOT. Plus Hetalia. Prussia is my favorite country. And World History class makes me giggle. And anyone notice how the pirate emoticon looks like Roy?.... Anyways, I really don't have much else to put here. Well, except that I'm a pretty good manga artist. I haven't figured out how to scan pictures on the computer yet, though. &gt;&lt; I DO have the technology. Just not the smarts. Syonnara! Adieu! Goodbye!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    EDIT: I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta for my birthday this year. I was cosplaying Edward Elric, and I bought Lenalee Lee cosplay, and my friends bought me Lavi cosplay. biggrin Awesome B-day. <br />
    But the highlight was.........<br />
    Yes, I have realized the fangirl dream. I also asked him if he would rather be killed by Roy Mustang, Darth Vader, or Spock. Darth Vader for the win. <br />
    But I didn't get his autograph.... THe line closed before we got there because it was too long, so my mom stood ten feet away and stalked him with the camera for twenty minutes. XD YAY MOM!!
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