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    Rollin' Like A Big Shot.<br />
    Faith ~ You got Snog <br />
    bookface me ya skank <br />
    I like faces. Especially yours. mmmm~<br />
    I &lt;3 making passionate love to this gurlll <br />
    Kelsoooo &lt;3<br />
    oovoo- ohayfaith &lt;----<br />
    Skype - Ohayfaith
    &lt;----- <br />
    ADD ME ADD ME ADD ME. On those accounts cunts. &lt;; ; yes I'm showing my face off Ya Jelly? <br />
    So I'm Crazy <br />
    I talk like I'm on glitter and champagne <br />
    Believe it bitches <br />
    I'm one rad of a hoe. ;3<br />
    So ---Yeah talk to me?<br />
    <br />
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