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  • Artist Info: giggle cat girl here im ganna tell u a lil something about ME!!!!!!LOL im fun to hang around just about anyboby im 15 im alot of fun to talk to. Im a lil white girl & im black even thow i dont look like it. im aways up for making more & more friends. I love haveing people talk to me so if u talk to me i'll talk back. i ride horses. im as sweet as can be. i love guys or girls that can make me laugh lol <br />
    im a freak. i'm a very talkative person so if u don't like to talk that much don't be my friend plez. im a cheese lol the truth i have pick up lines biggrin my bra size is B36. <br />
    ya i know u want them. lol i love cats & dogs & bunnies & horses. i want to work <br />
    at hootters. i love that place & i got the good stuff to work there. i look a lot like my gaia. jason u r amazing and anygirl would be so lucky to have u plez keep liveing go on i just want u to no that if u ever ever need someone im here for u ok and i truely did love and always will <br />
    OK so i don't like it when pll call me out exspeically when there r pll that im trying to get to be my friend or something ok <br />
    my friend call me out just the other day & i didn't say anything <br />
    because i didn't want to inbaress her she was sooooooooooooo<br />
    lucky!!! <br />
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