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  • Artist Info: I'm a weirdo but in a good way what more can I say.Well anyway here's a little bit about myself.I mostly listen to rock.I love funny songs. Vampire Knight is my favorite manga.I LOVE AIDOU!HE'S MINE!trying to create my own manga. My friends and sis say it's pretty good.But sometimes I get pretty selfcautious about my artwork. The Hex Girls is my favorite band.I like both of their songs.I love SpongeBob.I don't care if some people think he's for little kids!.I am billingual I speak english ,spanish and spanglish.And I don't consider myself from Mexico or United States.We all live on the same sphere and should be treated equally. I mostly live on the moon anyway.(Dream all day:3).I'm mostly dedicated to have as much fun xD as possible with boundaries of course.I used to be kinda depressed but decide I'm gonna try to be happy from now on.I will try my best to make friends.I have long black hair that's what makes people remember me for a long time.It can be an advantage and a disadvantage.Please watch my playlists and comment politey my journal is open to everyone.seeya!ROCK! <br />
    <br />
    Soy estrana pero feliz !!!! XD wink
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