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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is Justin.I'm 17 and I live in Buffalo, NY.Lately on gaia things have been really funny, I've encountered a handful of super trolls.lol They continue to try and tell me that my life will be nothing and I am nothing, thats fine.Your life is so bad you've made trolling into a profession because you have nothing better to do.You keep trying to test me and gain my aknowledgement, but I've told you already I have my own way of living and I'm not gonna argue with you.That would be giving you what you want, I act my age.And Im not one of those kids you hear about thats someday gonna end their lifes because some people have ill things to say about me.I'm here to stay, and yes I refuse to aknowledge those with nothing better to do with their lives then to randomly insult people over the internet 24/7.I refuse to aknowledge someone whos only way to gain aknowledgement is by randomly insulting people because it makes them feel better about their pathetic hypocritical existence.You think I'm nothing?Thats fine, because that doesnt make you something.Btw, I still like chicken wings and hot sauce. emotion_awesome <br />
    <br />
    "Defeat your enemies with success"I have nothing to say to you, regardless if you have something to say about this and about me.I'm gonna live my life and I'm not losing sleep at night because of what you have to say.Have a nice day. smile
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